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Silvex Exports Pvt. Ltd

Silvex Exports Pvt. Ltd
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UPS Battery
In stock 
Keep away the battery from spark, open flame & cigarettes lighting. These can cause explosions. Avoid metallic contact over battery terminals for unnecessary short circuitsSpecially mixed corrosion resistant alloy for spines & gridsTubular gauntlets of high brushing strength with high...
Group: Uninterrupted power supply units
Sealed Calcium Batteries
In stock 
Global batteries Rocket SMF Calcium Batteries is the special product for automotive Industry. These batteries give high starting current for short duration. They are extensively used for automotive application. However these batteries can be used for UPS application also. Structure &...
Group: Batteries
Rocket Tubular Battery
In stock 
Positive tubular plates with low antimony alloy to reduce frequency of topping-up intervalsNegative plates are of pasted grid type with lead calcium alloySeparators are made of high quality micro porous materialMicro Porous aqua-trap Ceramic Vent Plugs for individual cell-prevent acid mist coming...
Group: Batteries
Hi- Power Batteries
In stock 
2v Cells Designed to Suit the System Configuration RequirementLow Antimonial Alloy Grids for Achieving low Topping up Frequency of Minimum once a YearProvided with Transparent Sealed level Indicators to Indicate the Topping up RequirementProvided with Microporous Ceramic Vent Plugs to Minimise...
Group: Batteries
Cells VRLA Batteries
In stock 
The ESG range of SMF VRLA batteries offers outstanding performance including a 20+ year design life. This range also offers 100 capacity out-of-the-box and is capable of handling deep discharge for complete peace of mind. The use of flexible connectors and the ability to be installed both...
Group: Batteries


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